Existing buildings, homes and businesses, are the single biggest source of emissions in Royal Greenwich. We need to constantly improve the energy efficiency and resilience of buildings. Developing the skills and jobs needed to do this will also help to strengthen our local economy.

Our ambitions
  • The energy used to heat and power our council homes has been de-fossilized and they are more energy efficient.
  • Minimum energy efficiency standards are enforced, and private sector landlords are supported to improve home energy efficiency.
  • All non-domestic buildings owned by the Council are zero-carbon.
  • What is retrofitting?

    Making an existing building more energy efficient. This could include insulating walls, roofs and floors; upgrading windows and doors and heating systems; and swapping to low carbon heating sources.

    What is an energy performance certificate (EPC)?

    EPCs tell you how energy efficient a building is and give it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). EPCs let the person who will use the building know how costly it will be to heat and light, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be.

    An EPC also highlights the energy efficiency improvements you could make, how much they will cost, and how much you could save. This can be useful when looking to improve your home.

    Advice and grants for homeowners

    Visit Simple Energy Advice for advice on grant schemes available in your area such as the Government’s Green Homes Grant.

    Ecofurb provide an advice service for energy efficiency renovations. First use their Plan Builder tool to see what you could do at home. An Ecofurb Coordinator can then give tailored advice, help plan the works and get quotations from local contractors.

    Help with energy bills

    The South London Healthy Homes scheme maybe able to help if you’re struggling to keep your home warm, or to afford your energy bills, if you meet certain criteria. Call 0808 169 1779 or visit .

    This is the start of an on-going engagement

    The Council can’t do this alone. It is essential that residents, businesses and organisations take shared ownership of this plan to jointly make the changes that will be required over the next ten years.

    We need you to help shape this Plan. By having your say you can help to build a coalition of individuals and organisations, to work together to set us on the path to becoming carbon neutral.

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    Additional materials

    Buildings - actions
    Buildings - actions
    Carbon Neutral Plan 2021-2030
    Carbon Neutral Plan 2021-2030

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